Helping Shy & Introverted Women  CONFIDENTLY Build A Strong Personal Brand to Gain Visibility & Generate WARM LEADS


Hiya Beaut, I'm Jo

I was once the woman that said very little, that would hide behind others and turn bright red if anyone asked me a question!
The worst bit? my biggest nightmare was meeting new people, for fear of what they may think of me...


A recovering shy, anxious introvert who barely recognises that woman I once was.

In fact, my pain has become my passion as I now help amazing women (like you!) confidently grow through shyness & anxiety to build a strong personal brand to attract ideal clients and generate warm leads for your business.


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Create your Lead Magnet with Confidence!

Your path to online visibility
starts here:

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How do you want to be perceived? What do you want to be known for? What would people say about you if you weren't in the room?

Building your brand is much deeper than just choosing the right colours & fonts. It's about creating your unique 'vibe' that makes you the ONLY choice for potential ideal clients.

Be seen as THE go-to person!

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If there's one thing more powerful than social media marketing, it's emailing marketing.
It's still the most effective way to turn cold leads into clients!

Setting up an e-mail funnel (or workflow) is the best way to fast track building the 'know, like & trust' factor between you & your audience and keep you and your services/courses/programs top of mind when your ideal client is ready to buy.

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Isn't Social Media frustrating?!
You spend ages creating content and engaging on Facebook & Instagram - but people still aren't liking & engaging on your posts AND it can feel like you are just wasting your precious time!

It's time to stop posting & hoping that people will see your content and instead create a 
STRATEGY to maximise your visibility and minimise the overwhelm!

Social Media is Just a Tiny Piece of the Puzzle... 

Which steps are missing for you?
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A digital marketing & branding obsessed mum of 2 boys and a recovering Instagramaholic who has a penchant for all types of music, all flavours of crisps (except scampi & lemon - what are they about?) and more than a little fanatical about movies.

I like the simple things in life: good food, good company, good coffee & my cinema pass!

I'm the sort of person that would go to the cinema 12 times to watch a Harry Potter movie...
...okay, I am that person - that actually happened.

There's nothing wrong with being passionate about something though, amiright?
Take for example female empowerment, positive mindset, health & wellbeing.
I am deeply passionate about ALL of those things, and combined with my deep love for all things digital marketing & branding - well, that's why I'm here!
To help awesome women like you to grow your online presence through lead generation, branding & marketing WITHOUT the stress & overwhelm of spending half of your life on your phone...or the need to dance on video if you don't want to!