AKA the girl that used to shy away from speaking up. The girl that would sit at the back of the classroom hiding behind books so that the teacher wouldn't ask me a question. The girl that battled with her confidence, her weight and social awkwardness.

The girl I am leaving behind.

The real reason for starting this business was to prove to that girl that I CAN do things. I CAN be a leader, I CAN use my voice and I CAN create a successful future for myself and my family.

Over the last 3 years I have been unlearning the absolute garbage that I would be telling myself every day - y'know, things along the lines of "you're not good enough."

Working on my mindset has enabled me to do things that I have struggled with throughout my life:

  1. I finally managed to lose the extra weight I was carrying - and keep it off.

  2. I gained so much confidence through stepping out of my comfort zone in starting this business and creating videos that show my true personality.

  3. I feel so much more aligned within, it's created a positive natural flow.

The reason I wanted to work more specifically with businesses in the health / wellness / mindset / nutrition / women's health industry is because what you are offering is life changing.

As mentioned above, I've struggled with my weight, women's health issues, anxiety, nutritional issues and I KNOW that what you are offering is hugely beneficial - so it is my passion to help women like YOU.

On a much lighter note, I am here all day every day if you want to talk about movies!

Yep yep, it's such a big passion of mine - I'm a sucker for a franchise too: Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter - you name it, I'm here for it! I love 80's movies too!

If I could eat ONE thing for the rest of my life it would be crisps (which I know, completely contradicts me focusing on the health & wellbeing industry)  but come onnnn - Crisps are life :)

I stay healthy by jogging every day (on the spot in my kitchen - I know!)  and taking my dog for walks in between walking my youngest son to and from school - I usually clock up between 25,000 - 30,000 steps in a day - it's lucky I love walking so much!

My other passion is music! Rock, pop, blues, jazz - I bloomin' love it all! It has always been my way to escape.

Sooooo are you ready to get more visibility on your business through branding & marketing without the unnecessary stress & overwhelm?


Hi, I'm Jo...