Hello M'lovely,

I'm Jo, founder of Ladybird Media - well technically, I'm co-founder actually! I used to work with a business partner (Emilia) but she decided that she wanted to leave to pursue her passion for interior design - so it's just me now (although we are still good friends!).

Work Background

I've been a content creator /editor of sorts for 14 years now! Ranging from websites to mobile WAP sites (remember those - before smartphones?!) and streaming services. Some of the brands I have worked alongside include HTC, Paramount pictures and T-Mobile (when they were a thing!).

I have also quite recently just finished working for a huge online intersectional feminist book club, which promoted female empowerment and equality for women (a big passion of mine).

I 'fell' into Instagram through working with that book club. I was managing a community of over 200,000 members and was asked to create an Instagram account for the club too.

I agreed to do it through gritted teeth - I didn't even have the Instagram app installed on my phone at the time!
I watched endless tutorials, read countless articles and consumed everything I possibly could about Instagram and whilst doing so - fell completely in love with the platform! A passion that has remained firm for the past 5 years.

To cut a looooooooong story short, I grew the Instagram account of that book club to almost half a million followers. 
The book club came to a natural end in 2019, but I will always be grateful for that amazing opportunity and the fact that it lead to me finding my passion.

Home life & Hobbies

I live in the UK (near London) with my husband and my 2 sons (the noisiest boys in the entire universe! -No seriously MINE are definitely the loudest!).

I think by now you may have grasped that I am passionate about Instagram & female empowerment - but I am also completely and utterly obsessed with crisps! (or chips if you are American). If I could, I would eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner...but probably not a good idea - y'know for my health 'n all that!

I am also a huge fan of movies. I love a good franchise - Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter - but I also enjoy small independent films and Studio Ghibli.

You will often find me dancing around my kitchen and singing (badly) at the top of my voice to obscure songs from the 80's & 90's - I love a bit of nostalgia!

I love connecting with ambitious women in business, so always feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram or Facebook & come and say Hi! I'd love to learn more about you!

If you'd like to drop me an email, please feel free to do so! 

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