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Are you looking for a bit of guidance & Direction on Instagram?

A Power Hour is a great place to start! Before the power hour takes place, I take a look through your account and have a look at what is working, what isn't working & how you can improve. 

During the power hour I will generally cover:

  • Re-writing your profile to attract your ideal client or customer.

  • How to structure your post for maximum engagement.

  • What kind of posts (ideas) will work well for your business.

  • The kind of content that Instagram rewards.

  • What sorts of things to add in your Instagram stories.

  • How to use Hashtags & Geotags to find your ideal clients / customers.

  • An overview of Canva (if needed).

You are welcome to book a FREE no obligation discovery call if the Power Hour is of interest. Please scroll down to book your appointment at the bottom of the page.

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Are you looking to completely master all aspects of Instagram without the fluff & jargon?

This six week one to one coaching course teaches you how to best use Instagram to grow your business & start getting more sales!

Specifically catered for women who are service based providers or coaches, this course comes with weekly Zoom teachings, on-hand WhatsApp support, researched hashtags to help you and downloadable workbooks to keep you on track to reach your targets.

With my full-on support, my aim is to get you completely Instagram savvy at the end of 6 weeks!

The areas we cover:

  • Your Profile & Bio - an in-depth look at exactly what is needed to attract your ideal client & address their pain points.

  • How to create the perfect grid post with the Hook, Story & Close strategy, How to create engaging carousel posts.

  • Instagram Stories - How to use them to connect, engage & sell. Using external apps to improve your Instagram stories.

  • Reels & Video content. How to use video to fit with your niche and appeal to your ideal clients & how to get video confident to go live on Instagram. How to use external app InShot to help video editing.

  • Instagram engagement. How to use hashtags & geotags to find and engage with your ideal client. How to find & improve your Instagram engagement ranking.

  • Branding - How to create beautiful recognisable branding using Canva. Build a signature style so that people instantly know a post is by you - even before they see who posted it.

Does that sound like something you need m'lovely?
Use the form at the bottom of this page to book a free no obligation discovery call where we can discuss any questions you have and I can learn more about your business to ensure that I can help you.

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Need a one-off training?

Do you need some Instagram training videos created for your team?

I offer a range of bespoke Instagram training sessions. Whether you need a guest speaker who specialises in Instagram for your event, or you just need to brush up on your Instagram stories - I am happy to create custom training and videos for you.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know what you are looking for and we can have a chat about achieving what you need. 

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Content Planning


Do you struggle with knowing what to post all the time?

I completely get it. It can be incredibly frustrating and often lead to nothing being posted at all!

But fear thee not M'lovely! I can help you.

My Instagram content planning sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes long and take place in the comfort of your own home over Zoom (or Facebook Messenger video if you prefer).

How does it work?

We will chat about your upcoming events / goals etc and work out the best type of content to post for the entire month to help achieve your targets. 
We will also look at special days in the calendar (e.g International Women's Day, World book Day etc) to see if they can be incorporated into the content plan. 

I will help you decide what type of content will fit best for each post (e.g: Standard grid post, carousel post, short form video, long form video or Reel).

The content planning can be purchased either on it's own (£89 for a whole month) or as part of the content planning & creation service (see below) for £199.

To learn more or book a free no obligation discovery call - please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Content Creation (for the month)


Have you got loads of content ideas but zero graphic design skills to showcase them?

I've got you Beaut!

It just so happens that creating aesthetically pleasing grid posts is my absolute favourite thing to do on Instagram - you and I working together could be a formidable force! ;-)

How does it work?

We can chat (or you can send over) your grid post ideas for the month (or you can do it weekly if you prefer), I will then go and create the graphics in your own branding (including colour palette & fonts).

If you send me any assets I will need (e.g pictures & videos of you / your product) I can incorporate them into the branded grid posts.

The content creation is for up to 20 posts per month at £139. It's a service you can use as a one off, or choose to use every month - there is no rolling contract.
The £139 price point reflects content creation (graphics) only, for content planning AND creation - please see below.

*This is a service to create post graphics (visuals) it doesn't include any written element of post creation (such as caption writing or hashtags)

Content Planning AND Creation


Does thinking of ideas & creating content on Instagram steal loads of your valuable time?

Yep, you're definitely not alone! It's often the most overwhelming part of running your own business - so let me help you out!

How does it work?

Let's plan your content together over Zoom (or FB messenger), we'll discuss your upcoming events & goals for your business, and plan the content around getting you there.

Once a plan is in place, you can leave the creation of the posts to me :)

 I will create the graphics for each post using your own assets (such as pictures / videos of you or your product) and incorporating them into designs with your branded colours and fonts to make your posts instantly recognisable as being yours and giving you Instagram grid a beautiful flowing aesthetic.

For a whole month of content planned & graphics created for you (up to 20 graphics) the price is £199. Again, this can be purchased as a one-off or we can work together every month (there is no rolling contract).

Please use the form below if you'd love to have a chat or book in a free discovery call to learn more about this service.

*This is a service to plan & create post graphics (visuals) it doesn't include any written element of post creation (such as caption writing or hashtags)

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