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Using Social Media to promote your business is fantastic  - BUT - it only really works if you have a strategy in place with other key components.
An often overlooked, but far more powerful tool to utilise is E-mail marketing.
Creating a lead magnet (usually PDF download offering tips & value) is the best way to get people to sign up to your email list.

My services are designed to help you with EVERY STEP of the strategy to help you understand, create, brand & market your amazing courses, services & memberships with lead magnets, email marketing and Social Media.


Where to Start?


Who you Serve

Personal Branding



*Important* Learn WHO Your Ideal Client is & Understand Niching.

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Until you understand WHO your ideal client is, no sales strategy will truly work.

This is THE place to start. Once you know who your ideal client is, and what the difference is between knowing your ideal client and knowing your niche - everything else clicks into place.

As someone in the health & wellness industry, I KNOW how much you love helping people, so this mini course will help you identify exactly who it is that you are trying to appeal to.

Get clear on your offer, your values, USP, stories and how to get warm leads

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How do you want to be perceived and what do you want to be known for?

Developing a brand strategy allows you to build a strong reputation for yourself based on your knowledge, values, personality and stories.

These 2 x 90 minute sessions will give you clarity on your vision and offers.
We will take a deep dive into your entire online presence, pin point areas that are not working and create a strategy that will make everything flow together and make sense.




E-Mail Funnel


Social Media


Create an automated E-mail marketing funnel to turn cold leads into clients

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The key to generating sales for your higher priced services, courses and programs is with E-mail marketing!
Creating an e-mail nurture funnel is the fastest way to turn cold leads into warm leads and keeps you fresh in your audience's mind whilst building the know, like & trust factor.
These zoom trainings will be at your own pace, usually around 3 sessions.



Using social media (mainly Instagram) strategically to get more visibility

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Social Media can be an extremely powerful resource to gain visibility for your business if used correctly.

Instagram & Facebook should be treated as the top of the sales funnel (awareness) instead of the bottom of the sales funnel (conversion) and this is why so many get overwhelmed with it.

In these 2 x 90 minute sessions, we will look at HOW you can use Social Media (particularly Instagram) strategically, to work alongside your lead magnet, services & offers (and no, you don't have to dance on reels!).


1:1 Packages

Save money with these bundle offers!


(Standalone lead magnet)

Bronze Lead Magnet.png

Create a branded PDF downloadable lead magnet PACKED with valuable nuggets that will be hugely appealing to your ideal clients!

Sounds daunting?
These in-depth 1:1 sessions will hold your hand and guide you through the entire creative process!
(Approx 3-4 weeks)


SAVE £297!!

(Lead Magnet
+ Email Funnel)

Lead Magnet and Email Marketing.png

All the same creation as the bronze package offers, but the silver package comes WITH E-MAIL MARKETING FUNNEL CREATION.

Let's set up your funnel together, I will guide you through everything you need, help you with the tech AND help you brainstorm the kind of email you need to write! (Approx 6 weeks)


SAVE £394!!

(Lead Magnet
+ Email Funnel + Social Media Strategy)

Gold Lead Magnet.png

The complete silver package PLUS learning how to completely nail your social media strategy!

Reduce overwhelm and stop spending your life on your phone!
The GOLD package includes lead magnet creation, e-mail funnel marketing and how to use social media to get more visibility!

This package is approximately 8 weeks and will hand hold you through the entire process!

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Where to Start?

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